The Best Game Developer Ever

Having played the superb Batman: Arkham Asylum through to completion recently, I couldn’t help but wonder: Why can’t all games be like this? Advertisements

A glimpse at PC gaming in 2009

We’re far enough into the year to have escaped the ridiculous Christmas rush and the subsequent deathly lull; far enough to see what’s on the horizon.

GTA IV: Partners in crime

GTA IV has finally arrived on PC shores after an agonising six month wait, giving us keyboardites a chance to savour its multiplayer innovations.

Black Mesa trailer

The apparently talented chaps over at the Black Mesa team have released a trailer for their forthcoming Half Life remake. And, by jove, if it isn’t rather spiffing.

Left 4 Dead – musings from the demo

Having now played Left 4 Dead for a while, us folks at PG feel compelled to comment. Every other blog site on the planet is doing it too, which somewhat dilutes our feedback, but what the hell.

Left 4 Dead Demo – Beta or not?

I’m in two minds about the Left 4 Dead demo. On the one hand Valve are being typically community-vigilant and are responding quickly and personally to people’s well-founded gripes. On the other, Valve are yet again making up their own untrustworthy definitions to blur the public’s expectations of their deliveries.

Eurogamer Expo: Left 4 Dead

October 29th saw the Eurogamer Expo set up in town as part of the London Games Festival. Valve were there with Left 4 Dead.

Left 4 Dead brings story to multiplayer

As the November release of zombie co-op shooter Left 4 Dead creeps closer, Valve have released a 10-minute video analysing the game’s core design principles.

The Witcher: now with more gesticulation

As mentioned a month-or-so ago, there’s an update to last year’s The Witcher on the way. But we’re not talking your normal minor bug fix.