Mafia II preview video

After an unavoidable break, we’re back with a video preview of Mafia II, sequel to 2002’s PC classic. Advertisements

Left 4 Dead Demo – Beta or not?

I’m in two minds about the Left 4 Dead demo. On the one hand Valve are being typically community-vigilant and are responding quickly and personally to people’s well-founded gripes. On the other, Valve are yet again making up their own untrustworthy definitions to blur the public’s expectations of their deliveries.

Eurogamer Expo: Left 4 Dead

October 29th saw the Eurogamer Expo set up in town as part of the London Games Festival. Valve were there with Left 4 Dead.

Grand Theft Auto: PC steals cars the best

Although it took them long enough, Rockstar have started to reveal some information about the PC version of GTA IV.