Black Mesa trailer

The apparently talented chaps over at the Black Mesa team have released a trailer for their forthcoming Half Life remake. And, by jove, if it isn’t rather spiffing. Advertisements

Annoying things in games: Part 2

In an attempt to inject some variety into this website and slightly dilute the over-excited Left 4 Dead coverage, here’s another round-up of game design grumbles.

Left 4 Dead brings story to multiplayer

As the November release of zombie co-op shooter Left 4 Dead creeps closer, Valve have released a 10-minute video analysing the game’s core design principles.

nVidia say hello to PhysX

Graphics card manufacturer nVidia have released a new set of drivers for their 8, 9 and 200 series graphics cards which enable them to perform ‘PhysX’ processing.

Darwinia reviewed

Note: This is an old review of Darwinia that I wrote for back in 2006. As this week is more-or-less Introversion week, I thought it timely to reprint it here…