Why would the games industry want to be more like the movie industry?

A few weeks ago David Cage, head of game developer Quantic Dream and creative lead on fascinating-if-flawed games Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy) and Heavy Rain, gave a talk at the DICE summit in Vegas in which he lamented the games industry’s “Peter Pan syndrome” and unwillingness to mature as an art form/entertainment medium. Advertisements

GOG.com’s 4-day madness

On Sunday 19th September something very strange happened to the Good Old Games website. Was it marketing genius or commercial suicide?

Games at the movies

A recent exchange with Total Film and Channel 4 Film via Twitter once again raised the bitter topic of movie adaptations of computer games. Why have they been, to date, so uniformly terrible?

BAFTA games awards somewhat vague

Last week BAFTA announced the time and place for the 2009 Video Games Awards, a prestigious, event that’s been going since 2003.