Red Frustration: game difficulty vs. storytelling

In narrative games, what comes first? The story, or the game? Advertisements

BioShock 2 swims with sharks

Bioshock 2’s release on Steam for pre-order has prompted mass outcry from its fans, as the game’s Digital Rights Management came under intense scrutiny in a 61-page thread on the game’s official forums.

Preview: Deus Ex 3

UK mag PC Zone managed to get their grubby mitts on Deus Ex 3 this issue. I thought I’d share my thoughts as I read through the article…

Annoying things in games: Part 1

Given the current gloomy state of the global economy, this week seems like as good as any in which to grumble. Without further ado, I therefore present five of the most irritating things to be found in games.

Review: Bioshock

A few weeks ago I wrote about Bioshock‘s brilliant plot twist, at which time I had not yet completed the entire game. Now that I have done just that I can start to form an opinion of this unusual game.

Bioshock: a twist of brilliance

While I don’t deliberately live (at least) six months in the past, it invariably seems to work out that way. Which brings me to Bioshock.

nVidia say hello to PhysX

Graphics card manufacturer nVidia have released a new set of drivers for their 8, 9 and 200 series graphics cards which enable them to perform ‘PhysX’ processing.

Mass Effect reviewed

Being a rather tiny operation compared to the gaming website behemoths such as Gamespot and IGN, there’s no way I can secure exclusive advanced reviews of the latest games.