Holiday photos from The Witcher 2

I was rather a big fan of The Witcher. The sequel is also a flawed masterpiece, although perhaps with more emphasis on ‘masterpiece’ this time around. Advertisements

LA Noire’s faces are the new moveable crates

LA Noire is coming out on PC sometime soon, which means that PC devs will have the opportunity to experience the terror of being a generation behind the curve.

The Witcher experience

This is not a review. The Witcher isn’t a game you can judge by ordinary standards.’s 4-day madness

On Sunday 19th September something very strange happened to the Good Old Games website. Was it marketing genius or commercial suicide?

Mafia II preview video

After an unavoidable break, we’re back with a video preview of Mafia II, sequel to 2002’s PC classic.

Abusing your authority: Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 has a sub-plot so heinous, so wrong, that it very nearly derails the entire game. It won’t seem that way to everybody, though.

Heavy Rain review

OK, I admit it: I did cheat slightly. I rewound the story and repeated a scene to get a ‘better’ outcome. And I feel guilty about it.

Just Cause 2 video preview

Just Cause 2 is out at the end of this month. I’ve put together a video preview based on the amusingly ridiculous demo.