FTL: Making complex things simple

My current favourite game is a tiny, lo-fi indie game called FTL. As any self-respecting genre fan will know, that stands for Faster Than Light, with the core purpose of the game to jump your spaceship from sector to sector, staying one step ahead of the pursuing rebel fleet. Advertisements

Review: Multiwinia

The Multiwinians have arrived, delivering Introversion’s multiplayer sequel to their early classic Darwinia and their first game since 2006’s acclaimed DEFCON.

Multiwinia previewed

Three years ago any article about Introversion and its games would have been prefaced with something along the lines of “you might not have heard of them, but…”

Interview with Chris Delay of Introversion

Continuing our Introversion features this week, here’s an interview with Darwinia‘s lead developer Chris Delay.

Darwinia reviewed

Note: This is an old review of Darwinia that I wrote for SFFworld.com back in 2006. As this week is more-or-less Introversion week, I thought it timely to reprint it here…

The Darwinians are returning

Introversion first project since DEFCON will be Multiwinia, sort-of sequel to their 2005 masterpiece Darwinia.