FTL: Making complex things simple

My current favourite game is a tiny, lo-fi indie game called FTL. As any self-respecting genre fan will know, that stands for Faster Than Light, with the core purpose of the game to jump your spaceship from sector to sector, staying one step ahead of the pursuing rebel fleet. Advertisements

Mafia II preview video

After an unavoidable break, we’re back with a video preview of Mafia II, sequel to 2002’s PC classic.

Just Cause 2 video preview

Just Cause 2 is out at the end of this month. I’ve put together a video preview based on the amusingly ridiculous demo.

Heavy Rain previewed

The Heavy Rain demo appeared for the PS3 recently, marking the first game from David Cage since 2005’s Fahrenheit.

Star Trek Online: boldly going nowhere

The Star Trek Online beta finished this week, prior to the official launch in February. My brief time with it raised familiar questions

Dragon Age coming into focus

After suffering at the hands of the strangest marketing campaign for many a year, Bioware’s forthcoming RPG Dragon Age takes a big step in the right direction with the free Journeys.


Love is confusing, intransient, obtuse, contrary, thrilling and frustrating. It’s an appropriate name for a fascinating new multiplayer experiment from a single man.

Batman Arkham Asylum video preview

The new Batman Arkham asylum demo is out and we took a closer look at it.

A glimpse at PC gaming in 2009

We’re far enough into the year to have escaped the ridiculous Christmas rush and the subsequent deathly lull; far enough to see what’s on the horizon.