Thomas Was Alone mini-review

Platformers are inherently mechanical exercises. So much is reliant on the controls and accuracy being just so, and one element being not quite right can lead to an unplayable game. Advertisements

Entirely spiffing games of 2011

If I were to boil down the essential ingredients of what makes me like a game to just two elements, it would be: 1. They need to be fun. Sounds obvious but it’s remarkable how many don’t achieve this. 2. They need to conjure an interesting world.

Charting the Uncharted

< Rather late to the party, I have recently discovered the Playstation 3, which means it is at last time for me to cast my eye over the much lauded Uncharted games.

Batman Arkham Asylum video preview

The new Batman Arkham asylum demo is out and we took a closer look at it.

The art of Braid

Being somewhat PC-centric, smaller console games can often slip past my radar, as appears to have happened with Braid.

E3 highlights: Mirror’s Edge

As I mentioned yesterday, going into E3 there wasn’t really much on my radar other  than Left 4 Dead.

iPod gaming: Super Monkey Ball

When I set up Potential Gamer last week, I didn’t expect one of the first articles to focus on Super Monkey Ball.