Dishonored – first impressions

Though I’ve barely played past the first proper mission, I feel compelled to write about Dishonored. Or Dishonoured, to spell it correctly. Advertisements

Entirely spiffing games of 2011

If I were to boil down the essential ingredients of what makes me like a game to just two elements, it would be: 1. They need to be fun. Sounds obvious but it’s remarkable how many don’t achieve this. 2. They need to conjure an interesting world.

BioShock 2 swims with sharks

Bioshock 2’s release on Steam for pre-order has prompted mass outcry from its fans, as the game’s Digital Rights Management came under intense scrutiny in a 61-page thread on the game’s official forums.


Love is confusing, intransient, obtuse, contrary, thrilling and frustrating. It’s an appropriate name for a fascinating new multiplayer experiment from a single man.

Call of Duty 4 wins BAFTA story award

So, Call of Duty 4 has won the BAFTA for ‘Story and character’, eh? That’s certainly ruffled a few feathers, not least The Guardian. Despite the kneejerk surprise, it is however a wholly deserving win.

Black Mesa trailer

The apparently talented chaps over at the Black Mesa team have released a trailer for their forthcoming Half Life remake. And, by jove, if it isn’t rather spiffing.

Left 4 Dead remote commander

The L4D Remote Commander allows you to remotely administer your hired dedicated server, without having to memorise a bunch of console commands. It has a console of its own, but the primary things you tend to want to do, are provided as explicit controls.

Left 4 Dead – musings from the demo

Having now played Left 4 Dead for a while, us folks at PG feel compelled to comment. Every other blog site on the planet is doing it too, which somewhat dilutes our feedback, but what the hell.

Left 4 Dead Demo – Beta or not?

I’m in two minds about the Left 4 Dead demo. On the one hand Valve are being typically community-vigilant and are responding quickly and personally to people’s well-founded gripes. On the other, Valve are yet again making up their own untrustworthy definitions to blur the public’s expectations of their deliveries.