LucasArts returns: a win for gaming history

LucasArts have re-released some of their classic adventures on Steam, The Secret of Monkey Island is making its way to the Xbox and Telltale are making new Monkey Island episodes. Advertisements

OnLive – for reals?

OnLive is, at least in principal, the first thing since Steam to make me think “that’s so painfully simple, its brilliant”. However I can’t help thinking this is profoundly over-ambitious.

CD Projekt RED talk Witcher

This article is admittedly just an excuse to include the awesome, Witcher-inspired image above, although it should also correct the shameful lack of Witcher news around these parts.

nVidia say hello to PhysX

Graphics card manufacturer nVidia have released a new set of drivers for their 8, 9 and 200 series graphics cards which enable them to perform ‘PhysX’ processing.