LA Noire’s faces are the new moveable crates

LA Noire is coming out on PC sometime soon, which means that PC devs will have the opportunity to experience the terror of being a generation behind the curve. Advertisements

Heavy Rain review

OK, I admit it: I did cheat slightly. I rewound the story and repeated a scene to get a ‘better’ outcome. And I feel guilty about it.

Heavy Rain previewed

The Heavy Rain demo appeared for the PS3 recently, marking the first game from David Cage since 2005’s Fahrenheit.

Charting the Uncharted

< Rather late to the party, I have recently discovered the Playstation 3, which means it is at last time for me to cast my eye over the much lauded Uncharted games.

Scribblenauts: wild speculation

Having heard about a magic game where anything you type becomes an object, and also having the mental age of a five year old, naturally the first thing I tried when I got my hands on Scribblenauts was the word “poo”.

Batman Arkham Asylum video preview

The new Batman Arkham asylum demo is out and we took a closer look at it.

LucasArts returns: a win for gaming history

LucasArts have re-released some of their classic adventures on Steam, The Secret of Monkey Island is making its way to the Xbox and Telltale are making new Monkey Island episodes.

OnLive – for reals?

OnLive is, at least in principal, the first thing since Steam to make me think “that’s so painfully simple, its brilliant”. However I can’t help thinking this is profoundly over-ambitious.